downloadable Halloween scrapbook papers

Free Digital Printables for Crafters

Welcome to digital printables. This website and blog is dedicated to all things crafty. You'll find a growing supply of printable scrapbook papers, embellishments, collage sheets and more for your scrapbooking, decoupage and jewelry making projects. Each day, I will add free vintage or custom graphics to my blog as well. Look for this site to grow rapidly because I have huge collections of graphics that I love to share. I offer many free printables you may enjoy for personal or small commercial use. I also offer high definition, custom and restored graphics for a modest fee. Once you purchase these items; you may use them as many times as you like for your projects.

By small commercial use, I mean you are like me, designing and creating handmade creations yourself in your home studio. You may not offer my designs digitally for resale or post them online as your own etc. See the full Terms of Use if you have any questions. If you use my images in any of your creations, please feel free to contact me and show me your special projects! I may even give you a little plug on my blog. :) I love art and personal expression - it's always fun to see the neat things others come up with.

Digital Collage Sheets for Scrapbooks and Decoupage

I love restoring vintage graphics. If you've never really looked at old items like seed packets, that were lovingly hand-painted; you are missing out on true works of art. It's amazing to me how advertising was so beautiful back then. I use bits and pieces from old epherma and collections of vintage graphics which I enhance and lovingly restore.

There will be plenty of free offerings here and on my blog; so be sure to give me a follow and some shares. I also have an Etsy shop where you can buy hi-res collage sheets and scrap from me for your projects. One purchase and you may print as often as you like. The freebies here are nice, but they are mostly lower resolution. To create beautiful, striking works of art you want high resolution graphics. There is a definite difference between standard 72dpi on a webpage and 300 to 600 dpi in a high res image!.

Seasonal Printables and Graphics

I adore Halloween and Christmas is pretty fun too. I have several vintage Halloween graphics and Victorian Christmas images to share. I plan to add regularly to these sections.