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Free Vintage Halloween Graphics

Fall is nearly upon us, so you know what that means! Below are some great Halloween graphics for you to enjoy.

Vintage Halloween postcards from the Victorian era were so adorable. There were many unique customs back then that we no longer partake in today, but that are shown throughout various cards of the day. In Victorian times for example, there was a legend that stated that if a young girl stood in front of a mirror while eating an apple and brushing her hair at midnight, an image of her future husband would appear in the mirror. Many vintage cards depict young ladies looking in mirrors.

Another legend had young ladies peel an apple at midnight on Halloween and hang the peel near the front door of the home. It was said that the initials of the first man to walk through the door, would also be the initials of her future love.

There were a variety of these old legends and traditions that have since gone by the wayside, but are depicted within the Victorian Halloween images from postcards. If you'd like to learn more about Halloween Victorian traditions, I suggest reading books like "Halloween Spells, Customs and Recipes" by Silver Ravenwolfe

Halloween Freebies