Vintage Halloween Printables and Graphics

I absolutely adore Halloween; especially learning about the old customs enjoyed in the past that we no longer use today. While we still enjoy rituals like Trick or Treating, other rituals like bobbing for apples, or using apple peelings to predict the future have long-since vanished.

One of the cool things with many old Halloween cards is that they depict some of these old traditions. In fact, Halloween used to have a very romantic side to go along with its ghosts and goblins! There was also a time where cute themes were preferable to the scary. The images below reflect this with their bright colors and sweet images.

So, in the spirit of the Halloween season; (it's also my Birthday), here are some fun Halloween freebies for you! Be sure to also follow my blog, where I will be sharing more vintage Halloween graphics throughout the month.

Scrapbook Papers for Halloween

If you're looking for some fun Halloween scrapbook papers or backgrounds for your desktop; you'll enjoy this set of 9 free high-res papers.


Here is a set of lovely Halloween graphics for you. These are all vintage Halloween cards that I restored, creating high-res (300 dpi) reproductions with vivid colors and contrast. These work great for all sorts of projects - from scrapbooks to decoupage. I even made some tile trivets with the same images in a different size - very cute!

Click on the small images below to view and download the full size image. You can use the back arrow on your browser to return here. You can also download them all in one sheet below.

restored vintage Halloween postcard moon face and scene restored vintage Halloween postcard witch with moon restored vintage Halloween postcard black cat, witch hat and broom restored vintage Halloween postcard colorful witches with cauldron restored vintage Halloween postcard little girl in clown costume
restored vintage Halloween postcard halloween ball restored vintage Halloween postcard kids dressed as ghosts

Free Halloween Printable Sheet

You can download the non watermarked, high-resolution project sheet shown below here: Download This is a zipped file. click the link to download, save it, then right click the file on your computer and unzip.

preview of free Halloween printable sheet